Barefoot scarpe invernali Be Lenka Winter 2.0 - Dark Brown

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Rimanete barefoot,nel caldo e nello stile durante l´inverno rigido con Be Lenka Winter 2.0, con la nuova e migliore versione delle nostre barefoot scarpe invernali piú vendute. Queste minimalistiche scarpe invernali sono un manufatto di pelle nappa di ottima qualitá, con la membrana impermeabile, la fodera calda di lana e la nuovo progettata flessibile suola anti slittamento. Grazie ai nostri miglioramenti vi permettono di vivere la libertá barefoot Be Lenka durante tutto l´inverno e con il massimo comfort.

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Benefici barefoot

Il tallone e la punta sono sullo stesso piano Il tallone e la punta sono sullo stesso piano
Ampio spazio per le dita Ampio spazio per le dita
Scarpe leggere Scarpe leggere
Suola sottile e flessibile Suola sottile e flessibile

Recensioni clienti

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4.93 de 5 estrellas


Sofie A. Cliente verificato

These are the first pair of winter shoes I've ever loved due to my wide feet. They were a bit tight over the mid foot when, but adjusted to my feet after just a few days. They've held up great both in freezing cold and rainy days and this is the first winter where my feet are not freezing cold. The wiggle room for my toes makes a huge difference for my circulation. The grip on these is great on anything other than wet ice, but I put cleats on top of the shoes for those days. Works great and I'm so happy with my shoes 🤩



Marie Cliente verificato

Higly appreciated by 11 year old daughter. Wears them in mid sweden winter with down to -20 C°. She's warm and dry.



Anna Cliente verificato

I love these boots! The sizing took two tries to get right - I ended up with the size I usually wear in other brands after ordering one size up and finding them too big. They feel strange at first - I think these are the first shoes I've had where I could actually spread my toes! - but I got used to them after a couple days and now all my other shoes feel tight and uncomfortable by comparison. They are really warm, quite water resistant if you maintain them, the tread has great grip on snow, and they are very light and flexible. My only complaint is that, because theyblace up high and the lining is fuzzy, they're really hard to get on and off (especially if you have arthritis in your hands, like me). I wish they had a loop on the back of the upper, like many similar boots do, to help you pull them on over thick socks.


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Thank you for your feedback. Every feedback from the customer can move Be Lenka`s business for the better.



Jennifer Fertaly Cliente verificato

Amazing boots! Comfortable enough for me to wear an average of 15 hours a day. Very very active 15 hours a day. I'm on concrete in the morning at work for the first 6 hours. I end my day at the horse barn working and riding. These Boots keep my feet warm and dry but moreover comfortable for all of those standing and working hours. My body feels better in the barefoot shoes. Working and heavier and ever sturdy by means of rigid boots only exaggerated wear and tear on my aging body. Last winter performing the same daily routine but in really good boots but not these boots I had planters fasciitis pain in my low back shoulder and neck. The past 4 months I have been in these shoes and my whole body is happy particularly my feet! The one star deduction it's simply because I am three pairs of be Lenka's in and have noticed some small sole separation on each of the three pairs inside of the 60 day mark. Admittedly I'm harder on and in my shoes longer than your average bear.


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Thank you for your feedback.



Eve Munoz Cliente verificato

I love the width of these! Love the outsole with lugs, it provides enough protection for my foot and makes walking long distances very comfortable! Unfortunately, the wool takes up a lot of room space and does squish my bing toe a bit. I would love to purchase a version of these without the wool in the future. Taking off the insole does help give you a bit more toe space, but I do recommend sizing up if you want to wear these with a super thick sock, otherwise you'll have to wear these with a thin sock. Nonetheless, the wool will keep you very warm, super pleased with the toe shape and love the outsole lugs! Overall, I am very pleased with Be Lenka and will be purchasing more in the future!